Governor's Task Force on Autism

Governor Doyle met with numerous parents in the early spring of 2004 regarding issues of treatment for children of autism through the state's Medicaid program. After meeting with these parents and listening to their concerns, he directed his office to create a task force to develop policy recommendations on the following issues:

  • Identify activities included in "service-time" for recipients of in-home intensive treatment
  • Identify options for building a qualified workforce of in-home intensive service line-staff
  • Identify options for ensuring adequate state coverage by in-home intensive treatment providers
  • Identify options for providing case management to participants in waiver programs
  • Discuss the newly developed exceptions policy
  • Identify standards for extending in-home intensive autism services
  • Discuss options for parental fee sharing
  • Identify services available to all children with autism
  • Identify other means of funding autism services

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